10 Tips for Laser Hair Removal

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hair removalFor everyone dealing with excessive hair in unwanted places, we know the pain. Waxing, shaving, tweezing can make you go berserk, we know. Those frequent waxing appointments are a nuisance. And shaving just doesn’t do the job right. Your skin gets horribly rough and before you know it, the hair is back, laughing at you. This is when laser hair removal comes to your rescue. A lot of us fear the procedure but the ones who have mustered up the courage to get it done will tell you that it is so worth it! Before going through with it, there are a few precautions you must take and a few details you absolutely must know!

1. It might cause pain
A lot of advertisements boast of this process being pain free but truth be told it depends on you. Some people feel more pain than others, for instance if they have courser hair or darker skin. The level of pain also varies from as small as the slap of an elastic band to excruciating pain. So be mentally prepared before diving in.

2. Hair may grow back
The treatment is not always permanent. There is a possibility that your body produces more hair follicles than there were previously, the ones which haven’t gotten lasered. This re-growth may be caused by hormonal changes and other biological factors. Thus, you may need to repeat the procedure after a few years as maintenance.

3. You will need multiple sessions
The number of sessions depends on your treatment area or even the type of hair. So, you need to be consistent and attend each appointment of the schedule to see the best outcomes. If you do start getting off track, just focus your mind on the glorious results that await you at the end of the journey.

4. Remember to shave, not wax
Having long hair during the process might cause it to burn. So, you must get rid of that before the laser hair removal appointment by shaving, not waxing. Why? The laser attacks the root of the hair follicle, not the hair above the surface. And for that to be present, you must avoid waxing for a while before your treatment begins. It is recommended to walk in clean shaven, perhaps 8-10 hours before.

5. Dodge the sun
Laser removal within 2-4 weeks of any kind of sun exposure might prove to be fatal. Being sunburnt and going for laser removal is a strict no. You are advised to keep away from the bright shining star for a few weeks before the appointment. So, reschedule those beach plans or simple go for this treatment during the winter. If you are looking for an appointment in Miami, searching for ‘laser hair removal Miami’ can be the first step in finding the right facility for your hair removal.

6. Avoid fake tans too
The same advice is applied for any tanning sessions you opt for before the appointment – just don’t! It will harm you. Stay away for a just a few weeks till you embrace that new-like, hairless skin.

7. Keep your skin as natural as possible
No matter how relaxed you feel after applying the lotions and moisturizers, you must shake off the urge. No beauty products including bleach should be working their magic on your skin during the course of the treatment. Flaunt your pure and natural skin to the world.

8. Use recommended products
Beauty products are not permitted but your doctor may prescribe a few during the course of the treatment to perhaps soothe the treated area. You will need it as there could be swelling, irritation or other forms of discomfort associated with laser hair removal. Thus, use the products in the prescribed quantities to get you through.

9. Avoid overheating your body
This means do not do any activity that would raise your body temperature such as taking a hot shower or hitting the gym. If your body sweats, the bacteria that may form could possibly result in an infection or ingrown hair. You can resume your daily workouts a day or two after the treatment to be on the safer side.

10. Know what is going to happen to your skin
You might not be a skin specialist but you must be aware of the whole process and what exactly you are putting your skin through. During your consultation, ask all those questions to be assured. After all, it is about your skin care. You need to be confident enough of the treatment before you opt for it and understand all the details involved in it.