Go-Phor App is Like the Uber of Same Day Delivery for Letters & Packages

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Go-Phor AppHow many times have you needed a package or letter to get from one place to the other immediately? When you check basic delivery services they are next day. When you contact a messenger service it can be hours before they pick up and another few hours before they drop off. Or you need to get a letter or package delivered at unconventional days and/or times like 9pm on a Sunday. What if you could just enter the pickup and drop off locations like you do with Uber and have it happen quickly in real time? That’s what Go-Phor is offering with their pick up and delivery service. This is really a great service that makes same day deliveries so easy to coordinate and track.

Download The Go-Phor App


The first thing I did was download the App. You can download it HERE. Once you download the app then you can enter your location and your drop off location. It’s that simple. No need to register your information or anything.

Delivery Options



Once you enter your pick up location and delivery destination you’re going to get pricing.

  1. Ship Direct  – this is the door to door option. Meaning your delivery will be picked up and dropped off without any additional deliveries in the middle of it all to delay. This is most efficient for something like legal documents or even something like concert ticket deliveries.
  2. Ship Flex – This option is if you want your delivery to arrive the same day but, you’re not restricted by time and are flexible about the arrival time.

I tracked from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Direct was $16 -$18 and Flex was $8 – $9.


Do I Need To Download the App to request a Pick-Up & Drop-Off?

Yes. Just like Uber you need to have the app with your credit card information installed and activated to use the App. Once that’s all set and done you can search delivery options from your location or the current location of the package and then plug in the destination. The price options will pop up. and once you hit send you will be teamed up with a delivery driver near you.

Where Is Go-Phor Available?

Go-Phor is currently available in the San Fransico area. They are available 24 hours a day s, 7 days a week which is great if you need your package to arrive on a Saturday or Sunday. No more extra  If you are there then please give it a try and give some feedback. I’m curious to see an actual delivery in real time. They also currently offer worldwide shipping from San Francisco and are expanding to other major cities so look out for more detailed information soon.

To learn more about G0-PHOR, visit their website and download the app.

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I downloaded this app for review purposes. all opinions are mine.