Gadget Corner: BENTSH Bike Light Kit – USB Rechargeable

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Bike Light KitI feel like most people in NYC and specifically Brooklyn have a bicycle which is why I’m loving this BENTSH Bike Light Kit that is USB rechargable. I’m hoping to get a new bike for the summer so this kit will absolutely come in handy.

BENTSH Bike Light Kit – USB Rechargeable| $19

Bike Light Kit

The kit includes:

  • A USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light
  • A Back Light Powered with a Lithium Battery
  • A Bike Bell
  • A Water Bottle Holder

Bike Light Kit

This is a great kit for basic riders. It makes a great gift as well. Of course, I got it for myself as a gift but, you can get it for that avid biker in your life.

Bike Light Kit

In NYC you’re required to have a bike bell so this is a must have in any kit. I’m not sure what the rules are in other states but you can never go wrong with a bike bell to warn people to get the heck out of your way.


The light itself is perfect in different types of light and weather. There are 4 beam options: High, Mid, Low & Flash. All of them look great and make me feel safe. I really like the fact that it’s USB charged because I never have batteries. Most things in my house that require a battery wind up in a drawer somewhere never to be used again. Not necessary with this. I can charge it at night and clip it onto my bike in the morning. I’m looking forward to getting my bike in a few weeks so I can test it out on the road instead of just in the house.

Bike Light Kit

If you’re interested in a Bike Light Kit for yourself or as a gift you can purchase one for $19 here.

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