#Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush #Review

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Lavany Cleansing BrushThis Lavany Cleansing Brush is easily one of the best things that I was given to review this year.

The Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush| $21.99

lavany cleansing brush

I love the extra long stick for the body cleansing. It feels amazing to use in the shower. I have had facial cleansers but, never something that is meant to be for the face and body like this.

The long stick is great in the shower I feel so pampered. There are 6 different attachments to choose from. The stone I used for my feet and it felt great. This CAN be used in the shower. It’s water proof.

It’s not a charged brush. It takes 2 double A batteries so I would recommend that you get rechargeable batteries for this scrubber especially if you’re going to be using it on a daily basis like I do.

If you have sensitive skin then test a small area of your skin before using the scrub attachments.

About the Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush


  • 2017 NEWEST VERSION: Equipped with an upgraded motor system; double cleansing levels; 7-in-1 skin cleansing kit with a detachable handle for both face and body cleansing; sleek and elegant design
  • UPGRADED CLEANING SYSTEM: Thanks to the upgraded motor system, the brush head won’t stop even when applying pressure on face; low speed for gentle and smooth cleansing and high speed for a much deeper exfoliating cleansing experience
  • WATERPROOF DESIGN: IPX6 waterproof and cordless structure; easy to use for both face and body cleansing; convenient and safe to use in the shower or bath without any worry about immersion in water; body brush with an extended handle for cleansing hard-to-reach body areas to avoid skin problems
  • DELICATE SKIN CARE: Silky soft 0.05 mm bristles are gentle on your skin without causing any irritations; reaches deep into pores for thorough cleansing; effectively sweeps oils, dirt, makeup residues, and blackheads
  • 6 BRUSH HEADS SATISFY ALL YOUR NEEDS: With 6 changeable brush heads, Lavany Brush Set provide you with head-to-toe care; suitable for all skin types including normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive

The Lavany Facial & Body Cleansing Brush

lavany facial & body cleansing brush


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