9 Tips To Design Your Contemporary Styled Living Room

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Contemporary Styled Living RoomEvery homeowner will want their living room to look the best. After all, this is the place the entire family spends their time relaxing. It is also where you will socialize with your guests. Given these factors, it is very important to get the style of the living room right. And there has been a serious interest in a contemporary styled living room over the past years. If you too are interested in the contemporary style, then the below tips will help you incorporate it into your living room.


One of the downsides of the modern designs of the past few decades was the complete absence of greenery. Instead, concrete and metal were preferred heavily.  But in the contemporary style, there has been a huge interest in incorporating greenery into the rooms. Not only do they add life to a room, but their lively green color also tends to provide the room with a very pleasing color contrast.

Wood Flooring

Though there has long been a trend of using tiles, finishing etc. on the floor, the truth is that nothing can beat wood. When it comes to giving a posh feel to a room, whether it is styled in the traditional or contemporary way, nothing can quite match the exquisite feel of the wooden floorings. So, try to incorporate them into the living room if possible.

Black And White

Nothing proclaims ‘contemporary’ more than black and white colors, especially the patterns. So, try including them in some form into the room. It can be a black and white rug on the floor or a black and white curtain by the side window. You can also try to place a large painting featuring black and white geometrical artwork.

Traditional Style Fusion

Yes, you are aiming for the room to look contemporary. But does this mean that you completely shun traditional styles? Absolutely not! You can easily blend both and give an individualistic identity to the room. For example, try to install a traditional 18th century styled mirror or cabinet in the living room. It is very likely that the room will start to look like a cool fusion of two styles. However, make sure that the traditional components of the room never overpower the overall contemporary theme.


Lighting is very important for contemporary styled rooms. And instead of using the electric ones, try out the more traditional route – use candles. Stay away from the usual large candles. Instead, use the candles that come in shapes like cups, squares, and so on. Avoid replacing candles with imitative electric candles since electric lights can never match the warmth and romanticism given off by candle lighting.


If you are looking to add a warm feel to your home, then consider adding a gold color in the room. You can do this by using a light golden curtain or sofa.  Another way to add golden color to the room is by using golden colored lighting. This can actually make the entire room look exquisite and classy.

Cream And White Colors

Want to go contemporary in a very minimalist way? Then try using the cream and white color combination in your room. For example, you can color the floors and wall using a cream and white stripes or geometric patterns. Add in the furniture, like a sofa, cabinet etc., which are of varying shades of the same color. And there you have it – your very own minimalist contemporary room. Just be sure to add tiny bits of strong color here and there in case you want to make the room look a little more playful. For example, you can get a purple colored sofa in a cream colored background. And then by adding in cream-colored cushions, you can create some interesting color contrasts in the room.


Another big aspect of a contemporary stylistic identity is the furniture. ‘Contemporary Modern Living Room Furniture | Sets Living Room’ will go a long way in making a bland, lifeless room look cool and chic. A big trend in contemporary furniture is buying sofas that feature stripes. And if you get the color aspect of it correct, a striped sofa can leave a big impression in the room.

Let It Shine

Finally, consider adding some shine and bling to the room. It can be done by incorporating mirrored surfaces like a small stand or something. And make sure that you place them where they can shine the best. For example, if you have a tiny mirrored surface desk in the living room, try placing it facing the windows so that the streaming light can hit it and give the desk a high sheen.

So, try out some of the above suggestions and you will surely see a big change in how your living room looks and the vibe it gives to the people.

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