5 Tricks That Can Make You Stick With Your Workout

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workoutDeciding to hit a gym to practice your workout is one thing. But most people usually lose their enthusiasm after having joined the gym because of unrealistic expectations. And this is kind of sad since they might have easily developed a good body had they continued committing to the routine. Below, we check out five tricks you can use to make yourself stick with the workout routine.

Take It Easy Initially

Remember to take things easy during the first few days of starting your workout. If you have never lifted, then don’t join a gym thinking that you will be lifting big weights within two days. That is often impossible. Such an attitude will only lead you to disappointment since you will have to face the harsh truth that you are unable to lift big weights soon after joining a gym. And you might end up leaving the place thinking that the workout is not good for you. So, remember to do the simple exercises initially, and gradually level up to more difficult exercises.

Mix Things Up

Don’t be too obsessed with doing the similar type of exercises. Instead, mix things up, and try to incorporate as many different types of exercise into your workout routine as possible. Solely focusing on a single type of exercise is not only ideal for your body, but it can also make your bored having to repeat the same sequences over and over again.

Practice With A Friend

The easiest way to ensure that you stick with the workout program is to start exercising with a friend. Having such a good friend with you will not only help you relax your mind but can also give you a confidence boost to never give up on the exercises no matter how tough it is. A friend will also ensure that you never get disappointed due to your poor performance. In fact, they can even motivate you to perform better, and you might start lifting weights even more seriously.

Track Progress

You should always track the progress of your workouts. The worst thing you can do is to train for 2 or 3 hours a day and never measure the changes in your body. Unfortunately, you may not be able to notice the change immediately even though your body has changed slightly due to the workout. And this can give off the wrong impression that your hard work is not having any positive effect.  This is why measuring the progress is essential.

Know Your Limits

Have a clear idea of what your limits are. Do not get overzealous and end up picking some weight you cannot handle. That is a sure shot recipe for disaster. You should only pick weights that your body can hold comfortably. If you overstress yourself in order to become muscular, then there is a good chance that you might go down with some serious medical condition.

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  • Our Happy Medium

    Good tips. “Know Your Limits” has been very helpful for me; especially when I’m just getting back into something like cycling or weight training.

  • Take things easily! great tip, I am one of those who give up too easily when it comes to working out… Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Patricia-Ann Que

    i love working out and tracking surely keeps me going! Fitbit and Aria are good for tracking!

  • Lisa He

    Patience and consistency are essential to success in all endeavours. This is particularly relevant in fitness since it’s so easy to give up if you don’t see your ideal results in a short time frame.

  • I think a lot of people get turned off from working out when they get sore from overdoing it. I love your tip to take it easy are first.

  • Kristen

    I’m just starting a new workout routine because you definitely always need variety. Great insight!

  • Shannon Graham

    I know I have to take i easy to start. I need to get to the point where I can really push myself to gain.

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    I think mixing things up works. It keeps you interested

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    I think a lot of times people set unrealistic fitness goals and quickly burn out. Thank you for your sharing your tricks.

  • Maps & Monograms

    Great tips! I agree that by mixing things up a bit, it helps keep you interested!

  • Lavanda Michelle

    This are great tips that can help me a lot. I think is the prefect post to start the new year. Tracking my progress has always helped me in the past

  • Jelena Berar – radni

    Thanks for this post. It will serve as a motivation for me to continue to workout when I run out of my will!