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When I first brought the Fishbellies home my son asked , “What is that?” I explained that it was a hand crafted fish with kettle corn inside that you either freeze or microwave and then put on an ailing area of your body. He asked if he could try it on his back so I said, yes. He’s been using it ever since.


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I received the large “Confetti” Fishbellies which is new and kind of cute. Getting back to my son. I microwaved the fishbelly according to the instructions for 2 minutes. When I took it out of the microwave it was very cool to the touch. I even told my son that maybe I should nuke it a little more but as I walked it over to him I realized that it would not be necessary.


I could feel the warmth coming through the fish onto my hands. My son waited a while before he put it on his back but once he did he said it felt amazing. The fishbellies are filled with kernels of corn that are specially treated so they don’t pop in the microwave. I can attest to that. We haven’t tried the freezing option yet but, I’m set to start training for a 5k run so I’m sure it will come in handy for my sore muscles.

The fishbellies come in 2 sizes. The large one is good for your back and to wrap around your shoulders. The smaller one is perfect for your eyes or smaller areas of your body.

Fishbellies is kindly extending a 15% discount to my followers.

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MICROWAVE HOT, FREEZER COLD CORN BAG THERAPY Cast aside your hot water bottle and bag of frozen peas! Pamper and soothe achy body parts with Fishbellies. Zap in the microwave and use as a heated neck wrap or to warm up on a cold night due to the weather or a rift in your relationship. Perfect post surgery or post workout, for back pain, neck pain, labor pains, arthritis, shoulder pain and sports injuries. Store in freezer and use for migraines, vasectomy, wisdom teeth, boo boos, bug bites, hot flashes or to help reduce swelling. Fishbellies are the perfect “get well” gift to cheer your loved one. Happily made in the U.S.A. Featured in U.S. Health News – Ultimate Gift Guide for Someone With Chronic Illness.

I received this product to give my honest opinion and to share with my followers. All opinions are mine.

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