Home Corner: 6 Ideas to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

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kitchen cabinetsKitchen cabinets play a vital role in organizing the storage space in your kitchen. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you always need a cabinet in there. These days, kitchen cabinets are designed based on the requirements and customized ideas recommended by the customers. Convenience and budget can go hand in hand if you have a rough idea about the storage requirements in your kitchen. Also there are several ways in which you can upgrade your kitchen cabinets to make up for a better experience. Today we are going to give you a glimpse of 10 such upgrading ideas. Here we go.

1) Add Roll Outs To Your Kitchen Cabinets

Adding roll outs to your kitchen cabinets can be a life saving hack if you are trying to expand your kitchen storage space without much redesign. Of course there are many kitchen examples and ideas to save you but roll outs are one of the bests among them. Roll outs ensure maximization of storage space, easy access and relatively simpler clean up chores. Another impressive feature is that installing roll outs do not requires no cabinet modification. Instead they can be designed to fit in the cabinet dimensions. Also you don’t need to spend half the price of buying a new cabinet to buy roll outs. They are generally made with high load capacity so that they can withstand the weight of heavy utensils used in the kitchen.

2)  Go For Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is preferred by a lot of people for a variety of reasons. Firstly it gives an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Secondly it’s one of the best methods to reduce energy consumption as you don’t need to light the entire kitchen to do your task. Shadows produced by cabinets and ceiling lights is yet another problem faced in most of the kitchens. With under cabinet lighting you don’t even have to think about such an issue. Obviously this calls for safer food preparations. Different types of lighting solutions are available in the market now. Most popular ones are LED lights, Fluorescent lights, Halogen lights and Xenon lights.

3) Choose painting over replacing

You might want to change the style and appearance of your kitchen cabinet afer some point. While most people would think of replacing the cabinet for the same we would recommend painting it new. The reason is that painting your old cabinet is much more budget friendly than installing a new one. And also if your kitchen cabinet doesn’t have any hardware issues then giving it a customized painting can make it look new and renovated. Apart from that tearing out your old cabinet and replacing it with an new one can disrupt your household. Choose colors that upgrade your mood and mix up colors on lowers and upper cabinets to make it the best.

4)  Remove the cabinet doors

Ditching the doors and opting for airy looks is the trend of the year when it comes to kitchen cabinets. There are several reasons why an open cabinet gives a much better experience than its counterpart.  One of them is open cabinets make it easier to see and access things from there rather than closed ones. Also modifying a kitchen with open shelves heightens the space. This will make you feel like the room is a lot more larger and spacious. Yet another interesting this is these open spaces can be used to display your favourite collections in the kitchen including tea pots, soft colored ceramic dishes or cookbooks.

5) Add Crown Moulding

Crown moulding transforms your kitchen cabinet into a seamless design. You can simply do this by mounting molding on a hardwood frame that sits above cabinets. Adding crown moulding gives an entirely new look not only to your cabinet but also to your kitchen. It will visually add height to the room and credit the cabinets with a better finish. You can give a wider look to the cabinet or kitchen by combining more than one type of moulding. It would be better to use polyurethane crown moulding than wood crown moulding as the later will be affected by changes in climate or humidity. Overall it gives an aesthetic feel to your kitchen.

6) Wallpaper The Interior

Though most people would like to have a wallpaper on the wall not many would choose to wallpaper the cabinets. We would suggest to have a nice wallpaper for your interior as it gives a unique charm to your kitchen cabinet. Go for wallpapers with bright colors as it would help to brighten the mood of the entire kitchen space. Not just that, this is one of the budget friendly ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinet as per your interests. You can do this at home without the need for seeking an external help.

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