Music Spotlight: André Rieu “Shall We Dance” Review

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Andre RieuAndré Rieu is a name that is synonymous to classical music. His infamous Johann Strauss Orchestra which combines classical music with waltz has toured the world repeatedly giving people reason to celebrate and dance. Their concerts are more of an experience with waltzing and beautiful sights to behold. 

During his concerts, he makes jokes, tells stories, and even indulges in a bit of slapstick comedy in between performing some of the most beautiful waltzes in the world, along with hits from musicals and films, and beloved popular and romantic songs from all decades.  One look at this video and you’ll get an idea what an André Rieu and Johann Strauss Orchestra concert is like:

Which makes it very fitting that his latest release is titled “Shall We Dance” which is a CD/DVD combo from Decca Gold. From the opening track “Second Waltz” to “A Time For Us (Romeo & Juliet)” to the well known “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie The Titanic, you are on a classical ride that makes you want to close your eyes and take in every note while feeling the need to get up and dance along to the music.

“Love in Venice” is my favorite track on the album. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful numbers and that reminds me of the first pitter patter feelings in your heart when you’re falling in love.

My second favorite track “Bolero” is more of a whimsical fun number that  feels like spring time and iced teas on the porch. I have to give honorable mention “My Heart Will Go On“. It’s already a beautiful song and it starts with a  flute before the strings enter ever so softly and eventually building to the full blown orchestra and back down to a soft ending. It was really touching . I love this rendition.

All of the numbers are a magic for your ears and some of very fun like “Carnival In Venice“. You won’t be dissapointed with this latest work from André Rieu.

“Shall We Dance” is available now. Target has an exclusive version with two bonus tracks – “Music of the Night” (from Phantom of the Opera) and “Lara’s Theme” (from Dr. Zhivago). You can also find it everywhere digitally.

“Shall We Dance” Tracklisting:

  1. Second Waltz
  2. The Blue Danube
  3. And The Waltz Goes On
  4. Godfather ( Main Theme)
  5. Strauss & Co Medley
  6. Love In Venice
  7. Radetzky March
  8. A Time For Us ( Romeo & Juliet)
  9. Zorba’s Dance
  10. Edelweiss
  11. Carnival Of Venice
  12. Bolero
  13. My Heart Will Go On
  14. Time To Say Goodbye
  15. Music Of The Night ( From Phantom Of The Opera) (Target Exclusive)
  16. Lara’s Theme ( From Dr. Zhivago) (Target Exclusive)

DVD content is André Rieu at his concert in Schonbrunn, Vienna.

Andre Rieu

If you want to learn more aboutAndré Rieu, Ovation is currently airing a 10-part series called “Welcome To My World.” The documentary will give an intimate look at the behind the scenes details that bring together Mr. Rieu’s legendary show. You can find out more information here.

Of course you can also catch one of his amazing concerts with the Johann Strauss Orchestra if he’s in a town near you. You can find out more information and purchase concert tickets here.

US Tour Dates:

10/19 – Phoenix, AZ

10/20 – Las Vegas, NV

10/21 – San Diego, CA

10/22 – Los Angeles, CA

10/24 – San Jose, CA

10/25 – Sacramento, CA

10/26 – Fresno, CA

10/28 – Tacoma , WA

10/29 – Portland, OR

11/1 – Tampa, FL

11/2 – Orlando, FL

11/3 – Sunrise, FL

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This is a sponsored post. I received a digital copy of the cd for review purposes. All opinions are mine.


  • Jen Sky Walker

    I’m not particularly familiar with this genre of music although I do enjoy it from time to time. I definitely will have to check this out!

  • Maro Akamatra

    I love love love him! I am going to check out if this is available online too, thanks so much for sharing it with me!

  • aww sweat nostalgia! my mum loves Andre Rieu! this reminds me of us girls in the living room with the fire on chatting, whilst Andre, plays in the background!

  • I’ve never heard of him before, but now I’m going to look him up. I’m intrigued by the songs he’ll be playing–I love a lot of them.

  • Michelle Gwynn Jones

    This sounds amazing. I am going to go to the site and see if that’s his last tour date. I would enjoy hearing this.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    oh man i would love to go to a concert, it would truly be amazing.

  • I have never heard of andre rieu but I love the mixture of songs that he would be playing. Bolero sounds like a good track!

  • Cristina Leau

    I have a friend who loves his music. She went to his concert as well. I have to admit that I never listen his music until now. You did a great job with the selections.

  • This sounds like it would be an absolutely amazing sounding shoe to go and see, what a mix of music he is has on offer.

  • Keerthana Jeet

    This sounds interesting… I am in love with the review… I would definitely listen to all the selections 😀

  • I didn’t know him before. I don’t really listen to classic music. maybe I should!

  • I bet he would be amazing to see live! I have such a fondness for the classics.

  • Natalia Sh

    Love your review and would love to listed to all the collections that you listed in here!

  • Anchal Narayan

    What a lovely review. I would definitely check all this collection. I love classics

  • It would be awesome to hear him perform My Heart Will Go On. Such a beautiful song!

  • Denay DeGuzman

    Ahhh..what a fabulous superstar to go and see! I can’t believe he’ll soon be in my home city. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Great review. I have never heard of him but I bet it would be quite an experience to see him live.