Kids Corner: Crazy Carpet Circle Seats (15% Discount Code)

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Crazy Carpet Circle SeatsOne of my favorite things as a kid was when it was time to read a book and spend some quiet time alone. I’d find my favorite spot. The same spot all the time and just zone out in my book. These Crazy Circle Carpet Seats reminding me of those times which is why I immediately thought they would be great for a daycare or the reading corner of your children’s room.

Crazy Carpet Circle Seats

Use Crazy Carpet Circle Seats Anywhere

Crazy Carpet Circle SeatsThese carpets are the perfect size for a young child to sit and claim their space. The carpets are colorful and soft making them a perfect piece of furniture and a nice room accent as well. I received a white, hot pink and purple carpet.

When I initially received the Crazy Carpet Circle Seats for review I had intended to have my friend use them in her daycare. The kids can sit on them during story time or lay on them during nap time.

I didn’t immediately get them to her so, I started using them as accents for the products I review and it gives my posts an extra color pop which is pretty cool.

One other key feature that I actually think is the best is that you can take them anywhere. I realized that when I folded all three that I received together and threw them in my tote bag. They folded easily and they didn’t weigh much at all.

If you have little kids or if you run a daycare, I definitely recommend the Crazy Carpet Circle Seats.  Your  kids are going to love them.

Crazy Circle Carpet Seats

Product Info

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With a variety of colors to choose from, these 18″ Round Rug Mats are  fun, quirky and versatile. They are made of standard broadloom carpet for a wonderful, fun & crazy round rug seats.
They are perfect for sitting on indoors and outdoors and they can be used on the floor, in the grass or on a bench or even bleachers.

  • Made of a Polyester Filament Fiber – Soft Cut Pile
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Edges are sewn with a fabric tape to prevent fraying.
  • Available in 19 vivid and pastel colors
  • Available in different sets including a 6 pack and 19 pack.
  • Save 15% when you use the promo code BLOG17 available just for this campaign!
The Koeckritz Crazy Circle Carpet Seats are perfect for home and outdoor use, daycare centers, preschools and elementary schools, churches and other organizations involving kids. Not only are they perfect for seating, but they are great for teaching kids colors, helping control fidgeting and creative play such as games and music.
SAVE  15% on your Koeckritz order 
when you use the promo code BLOG17
Visit Koeckritz Rugs to check out their amazing selection of rugs including indoor and outdoor rugs, sports-themed rugs, custom rugs and a variety of other beautiful floor coverings to choose from.
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I received these lovely carpets for review. all opinions are mine.
  • Jenn Goggin

    How cute, this would be fun for our playroom area! And hopefully attract the kids to sit down and read a book. I had never seen these before but I am going to have to check them out, thanks for sharing

  • I had few of this in my room when I was a kid and then when I moved in my studio flat as a student! They were great to add some color! xx corinne

  • What a fun idea for a kid’s playroom 🙂 I wouldn’t mind having some purple ones in my own room, as an adult!

  • I would totally use these are separate time-out spots for my kids. Sometimes brothers and sisters just need to be separated after all the fighting.

  • Sondra Barker

    I think they add a nice pop of color, and they have great color choices. They are definitely perfect for a child’s room or play area in the house.

  • Get Lost Abroad

    I think they can be used very diversly! For me a red one please 😉

  • Christine

    These would be so cute for a playroom! Could add various colors and make the rest of the decor match as well – so much potential!

  • I LOVE all of the great colors. I remember that they were always ugly shades of brown.

  • David Elliott

    Those do look like beautiful carpet seats. I wonder if they would be good for the library I work at.

  • Camille Acosta

    Great idea! Would love these crazy round carpet on my daughter’s room!

  • Stephanie ReadsWell

    These Circle Carpet Seats are indeed crazy. Nicely designed and awesome color options.