Back to School Bash with #MomTrendsSchool

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Back to SchoolIs it just me or does it seem like this year is zooming by? It seems like the summer just started and already kids are headed Back to School. You know what that means. It’s time to pull out those school supply lists, measure your kids and get to the business of Back to School shopping.Now, that doesn’t mean that back to school shopping has to be dull or routine as I learned at the Back to School Bash hosted by MomTrends this past week at Dakota Studio in NYC. There are so many cool, exciting, fun and even delicious finds that I’m excited to share with you. So sit back and get out your notebook and pencils because class is about to begin.

Class has begun….

12 Little

Back to School

The first things you set out to buy when your back to school shopping is a book bag and lunchbox. They to be sturdy. They have to be strong and they have to fit your child’s personality. 12 Little had all of that with their adorable collection of bags that you can add iron on decals to.

Back to School

We were able to get our own customized lunch box. The options were endless.

Back to School

I chose a pink bag with Pow and Boom stickers.

Back to School


Back to School

Staples also has a great collection of backpacks and lunchboxes. What’s great about the Staples line is that you can also get notebooks, binders and folders in the same print as the backpack so, your child will be matching from the inside out and at an affordable price.

Back to School

You know what goes hand in hand with back to school? Losing things. Kids lose book bags, lunch boxes, coats, boots, notebooks and many more things. Chances are your child will lose something this year. Most times it’s gone for good but, with the help of Name Bubbles you might just have a chance to find the item in the school’s lost & found.

Name Bubbles are waterproof labels that you can have customized and printed with your child’s name on them or you can get blank ones and write whatever you want on them. You can stick them on just about any surface from books to clothing and they won’t come off even in the wash. Sports jerseys and other items will be easier to tell apart and find.

Back to School

In case you were wondering what was in the Lost & Found box, it was all these lovely gifts for us bloggers that were personalized with our names and initials using stickers. Mine is pink planner notebook with the black R with gold stripes. The inside had a sticker with my full name.

…It’s Time For Lunch

Ozery Bakery

Back to School

Now that the basic supplies are taken care of what are we going to do about lunch? There’s no need to keep that dull. We got to taste these delicious breads from Ozery Bakery and I can’t get enough of them. They’re round which makes them easy for little fingers to hold. They are thin slices so it’s just the right amount of bread and they’re healthy. They even have little round buns that you can see in the picture below.

Back to School

Add some whipped cream and strawberries and voila! a easy and delicious after school snack with no fuss.

Kite Hill

Back to School

Kite Hill makes almond milk yogurts and they recently added grab and go yogurt pouches that are available at Whole foods. I took a couple of them home and the next day I was running late and in a rush to catch my train so I grabbed one and it filled me up and it tastes so good.

Back to School


30% Discount w/code MomTrends17

Back to School

Raisels, Raisels, Raisels! How do I love thee. Let me count the ways. These party in your mouth sour snacks were the very first thing I tasted when I arrived at the Back to School bash and I fell in love instantly. I can’t begin to explain how amazingly delicious these snacks are.

When I got home, I told my son he had to try them and gave him a box as he headed out the door. Two minutes later he called me and said, “Where can we get these? We need a whole box. They are so good”. I knew I wasn’t alone.

I went to work the next day and told my interns they had to try them. They too saw the light.

I haven’t stopped telling people about them and now I’m telling you. You should try them. You should buy them for your children. You should buy them for your friends. I can even give you a 30% discount code to try them. Visit and enter code MomTrends17 . You’re welcome. Oh, if you’d like to order and send me some, email me for my address. I’m serious.

Edit to clarify: These are actual raisins NOT candy. They’re dipped in A sour mix. 


Back to School

Nosh! is for babies, infants and toddlers and perfect for daycare and nursery school snacks. They’re made with organic Japonica rice and your little ones will love the little bite size servings. No more lugging those big bags of rice cakes. Just pop a couple of bags in your baby bag or lunch box and off you go!

Fashion Forward…


Back to School

It’s not Back to School shopping with out clothes. It’s hard enough keeping up with what’s hot in fashion for yourself let alone making sure the kids looks trendy for class. Orchestra to the rescue. Their line is a combination of classic and hip.  Every piece was so unique and looked comfy. We were even treated to a little fashion show with some of the bloggers children getting to strut down the runway.

Back to School


Back to School

Back to School

All in all it was a fun day getting the buzz on what’s trending for Back to School. Make sure you click the links to learn more about the different products and don’t forget to use the 30% discount for the Raisels. May your Back to School shopping be easy, budget friendly and trendy!

Which of these products are you interested in trying out?

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This is not a sponsored post. I attended this event as invited media. All opinions are solely mine.


  • Firenze McCowald

    Oh boy, now you have me feeling like a lazy bum – we’ve barely started back to school shopping! (Then again, I’m stuck on the couch with a broken foot for a few more weeks, so no driving for me til cast comes off!) Good reminder that I need to get it into gear 🙂

    • Oh wow. hope you’re feeling better and i know, shopping for back to school is so overwhelming sometimes. Hopefully these are good suggestions/ideas.

      • Firenze McCowald

        Oh, yeah – totally – definitely gets the mental juices flowing, so to speak! 🙂 Thx again!

  • I remember the time when my children were still in pre-schools and elementary grades. We need to complete the needed materials for the first day of school. It was so much fun then. My daughter would pick Barbie designed bag and accessories while my son would get super hero theme. My children are all grown up. My son already graduated and my daughter in 3rd year college. Perhaps I would be experiencing those things again as soon as I become a grand mom. Of course, I’m excited about it!

    • Nice that you’re kids are in college now, congrats. School supplies are still needed at that level. The staples supplies are great for college students and you never outgrow healthy eating…also, the Raisels…trust me…they’ll love the Raisels…lol.

  • Loads of brands to get everything kids need for back to school. Glad I am not a mum yet coz I feel it’s a lot of work and money to prepare kids to get back to school

    • The supplies work for the office too. I told the Staples rep that I had just placed an order for my office before coming to the event…lol!

  • Milton

    Wow I want to try some of those Raisels! Are they like raisin type snacks? Lots of the products here are really useful for use in school!

    • They’re actual raisins dipped in the sour flavor. TRUST ME, you will NOT be disappointed. Everyone I’ve had try them instantly wanted more….lol. I like the Watermelon and Fruit Flavor ones best. Use the discount code that takes 30% off the order.

  • Gideon Akachukwu Okorie

    A whole lot of list to get a child ready to go back to school.. I must say the parents are really trying, working hard now so i can meet up with all this financial requirements when the time comes.

  • What a great selection of products for back to school! As a homeschooling mom who does school year-round, I have been scouring back to school sales to pick up more items for our classroom.

  • Annette Yedlin

    All these things look amazing, what a great selection! My youngest boy has to wear uniforms at his school so the selection of clothing is limited but for everything else he has the opportunity to show off his personality!

  • Regan .

    So many great products here! My son would love a lot of these. I guess I better get started BTS shopping soon since he goes back in 3 weeks.

  • Aareeba Mohammed

    wow so many amazing products here, My lil one would love those clothing and new bags

  • Hân Ngô

    Wow that is amazing back to school list. It reminds me when I was a child, I was excited to see book bag, notebooks or boots. It’ll costs a lot of money so glad I’m not a mom yet.

  • Oh my, I LOVE Kite Hill. I am vegan so seeing them in your post made me incredibly happy! =D

  • David Elliott

    There is so much here to look at. I can hardly believe that back to school is upon us. But back to school really is almost here. I need to find my daughter a good new backpack so that’s what I would be looking at here.

  • Bobbi

    All of these products look so great. It is definitely right around the corner! This summer seemed to fly.

  • Emely Roman

    All these items look awesome. I love the convention environment. I wonder if I’ll be doing that when I become a parent.

  • Minh Anh

    Wow there are so many choices of products here! Back to my childhood, there was no such things like these. I’m not a mom yet but I would get something for my nephew for sure, he is coming to the elementary school soon!

  • Leo T. Ly

    I feel a little fortunate that my kids are not old enough to whine and nag me for back to school items yet. They might soon. The biggest challenge for me now is packing them healthy lunches. Hopefully the awesome lunch box will do the trick.

  • fashion-mommy

    So many gorgeous backpacks! My son only broke up from school today so our summer is just beginning, but I guess it will fly by!

  • Nida

    Ok its a lovely market to focus !! I love the idea in the end doing catwalk

  • This sounds like a great event. Everything you need to get in one place! I also loved that the kids modeled the clothing. Super fun!