Fashion Corner: Styled by Trendage Let’s You Virtually Try On Outfits & Hairstyles!

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Styled By TrendageThere are three things my daughter loves to do: Shop for clothes, change her hairstyle and take selfies. If she could do those things while riding a train or laying in bed, she would and now new phone app called Styled by Trendage is about to make that a reality for many with just a swipe of a finger.Styled By Trendage

Styled by Trendage” is a new fashion & hairstyle app that lets you see outfits from head to toe on yourself featuring clothing, accessories and footwear from leading brands & stores like Bloomingdale’s, Rent the Runway, and Topshop.

 I downloaded the app to try it out and I have to tell you it’s a lot of fun trying out different outfits and you can also try on different hairstyles from sophisticated to punk to wacky. It’s like a super selfie app with the ability to shop. I had a blast using it and I’m going to show you just how easy and fun it is to download and give yourself a new virtual look that may just become your new real life look.

First you have to download the Styled by Trendage App. It’s currently only available for IOS. Click here to download the app onto your phone:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, look for this icon on your phone and launch it. You’re ready to get started.

Styled By Trendage

Rita Hayworth Gave Good FACE!

Styled By TrendageThis step was a little tricky for me. You can take a selfie right then and there of your face or you can upload a selfie that is already on your phone. I tried both options and wound up choosing an uploaded photo of me giving a kissy face. If you’re going to go with a selfie face then you may as well make it count.

Hair We Are!

Styled By Trendage

 The next step is choosing your hair style. There’s plenty of options: long, short, blond, brunette and even rainbow. If you can’t decide you can hit the “Random Hairstyle” button and the app with pick one for you. I went with long and blond because I’ve always wanted that color and I think I look darn good with it.

Some BODY Loves You Baby!

Styled By Trendage

Time to choose your body. Now, after you’ve taken the time to choose your face and your hairstyle, Body image is crucial cuz we can either choose where we are  or where we plan to be. I opted for where I’m at because I’m getting set to go on vacation and I need real options for day and night gear that will look good.

Supermodel WORK!

Styled By TrendageOnce all of that is done, which takes mere seconds depending on how to the point you want to be, the you can start trying on clothes. If you see an outfit that you like then just click on the description part and if the items are still available then you will see the dress and price plus the shoes and price.

Styled By Trendage


If you like what you see then you can purchase directly from the app.


Styled By TrendageIf you look closely at this pic you’ll see a cascade of stars. That means that you unlocked a bonus which can be a discount from Target and other stores.

Styled By Trendage

You unlock bonuses by swiping right to view different outfits. I’d reached the pinnacle when these stars started falling down.

Is Downloading Styled By Trendage Worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. The app is free as a matter of fact and every interaction is free unless you decide that you want to purchase the featured dress or jewelry. My report is that it’s cool, fun and sexy.

Again, you can download Styled by Trendage only on iTunes for free! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

 Let’s check some more of my stylish photos!

Styled By Trendage

Styled By Trendage

Styled By Trendage

Styled by Trendage Styled By Trendage

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