Ways To Lower Your Electric Bill This Summer

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Lower Your Electric BillWe all know that feeling of dread when we open up our electric bills, especially during the summer. There is no getting around having to pay more when you have to put on the air conditioner, but you can significantly lower your electric bill with just a few simple steps.

Equal Payment Plans

Some electric companies offer equal payment plans. These plans set your bill to the same amount each month by using an average of your total yearly costs. The great thing about equal payment plans is that you know what your bill is going to be each month. There’s no massive bill surprise in July. Those this won’t lower your bill in the long run it does spread the cost out more evenly so you’re not burdened with a bigger bill during the summer.

Smart Thermostats

Move over dusty old thermostat – smart thermostats are the latest and greatest equipment to help maintain the temperature in your home. Dyess Air suggests installing smart thermostats to manage your HVAC energy use. Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi-enabled. You can set the temperature and prompt the air conditioner or heat to go on when it’s below or above your setting. You can turn it on remotely as you’re heading home, and you can even turn it off remotely. There are so many different options to choose from, and the savings will make you smile.

Ceiling Fans

I recently did a post about ceiling fans. I prefer them over air conditioning, and if you get the right size and model, you might not ever need to put on the air. Ceiling fans are great because they circulate the air and keep the room cool. You can even put the air conditioner on for a little while, and then shut it off and let the fans keep the room cool. They’re better than stand-alone fans because they are out of the way and not taking up space, and most times they are quieter too.

Close Doors

One of the easiest ways to rack up a high bill is to have your air conditioner working overtime. The larger the area is in your home that needs to be cooled, the harder your air conditioner is churning to get the temperature to a comfortable level. If you close the doors in your home, it will keep the cool air concentrated in each room, which cools your home easier and faster. You will notice a difference not only in how quickly and evenly your home is cooled, but also in the savings on your electric bills.

Open Windows

Why would I suggest opening windows right after suggesting that you close doors? Simple: If it’s a nice breezy day outside, then you should turn off the air conditioner and open those windows to let Mother nature do what she does best. Let the breeze go through your entire home. Not every day will be a good day to open the windows during the summertime, but you should take advantage of those beautiful breezy days to save some funds for a not-so-breezy day.

What are some ways that you are planning to lower your electric bill this summer?

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