My First Valentine/2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Coming Soon! (Accepting Submissions)

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Valentine's Day Gift GuideLove is in the air! I can feel it. Can you? So, you know what that means. Valentines Day is almost here and we are going to help you find that perfect gift to give the apple of your eye.

I’m a hopeless romantic so I love Valentine’s Day and all the corniness that goes with it. To be in love is such an amazing feeling that makes you want to pamper and treat that special someone in your life.

My First Valentine

My first valentine gift I received  that wasn’t from a family member was in the first grade. Darryl was smitten and asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes which meant walking home holding hands and even though I only lived a block from my school his mom would wait on the corner in her car when the weather was bad to drive us both to school together. 

On Valentine’s Day while most kids in my class were giving each other those paper cards that sometimes had lollipops attached if you bought the deluxe kit, Darryl showed up with a heart shaped box of chocolate for me.


Love Makes Things Happen

In the second grade, Darryl and I were still together and that Valentine’s Day he once again brought me a heart shaped box of chocolates. An even bigger one than the last year.

Third grade rolled around and we were still together which as I think back is pretty amazing that we maintained a long term relationship at such a young age.

That Valentine’s Day, Darryl wasn’t in school. A couple of weeks back, Darryl jumped off of a swing in mid-air which is something we did for fun as kids back then. He landed awkwardly and while trying to break his fall wound up breaking both his arms. He had a cast on each arm and wouldn’t be back to school for another month.

Despite not being in school, that day when the final bell rang and as I headed to the hall I saw Darryl’s mom with him behind her with the casts. Such a sight.  In his mom’s  hand was a heart shaped box of chocolates for me. That was really sweet of her and even sweeter of him to make her go out of her way.

I don’t know why we didn’t stay together in fourth or fifth grade but, we picked it back up in 6th grade and I received my last heart shaped box of chocolate from Darryl.

See, I didn’t become a hopeless romantic from watching Rom-Coms growing up. I became one thanks to Darryl.

But, one thing I never told Darryl was that I don’t really like chocolate. For me it was always about the thought.  That’s why I like doing gift guides with different options. Not everyone is good at gift giving and not everyone is easy to shop for which is why gift guides save the day.

Some people like to go all out while others like to keep it low key. I’m more of a sentimental type that likes to keep it low key and intimate.

This year as always, I’m going to pick out a few unique gifts that your amor will adore.  I’ll try to vary it from big and bold to less is more so that there’s something for everyone. And hey, if there is no amor in your life at the moment then I would suggest you #TreatYoSelf!!!

Check back soon to see our Valentine’s Gift Guide on February 1st.

If you’re a company and would like to submit your product for consideration, shoot me an email at with the subject “Valentine’s Gift Submission“.

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