#HolidayGiftGuide: Vibrational Energy Oracles For Children

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Vibrational Energy Oracle

I absolutely love these Vibrational Energy Oracles for Children. I’m a spiritual person, as I’ve mentioned before and tarot readings, runes and astrology are a part of my regular days. One thing I do wish is that I had known about them when I was younger. I’ve made sure that my children were aware of that aspect of spirituality when they were younger but, I never let them play with or touch my cards or runes because I’ve always felt they were sacred.

That’s what makes these cards so great. You can introduce your children to tarot readings and get them familiar with their own deck of cards. These cards are beautifully made too.

Vibrational Energy Oracles

The Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck is recommended for children 8 years and older. Your child will have the opportunity to discover the connection of positive messages & guidance.

Each card has a message and is ideal for children to use alone or with adult interaction. It is accompanied with a guidebook that provides safe & positive messages for children to learn in an uplifting way.

You’ll get 52 cards along with an interpretation & layout guidebook. You can find the cards at a retail store near you or purchase them online for $25.

While you wait for the cards check out this introduction video from Debbie A. Anderson, the creator of the  Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck:

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