#HolidayGiftGuide: Posh Galosh by PYSIS

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posh galosh by pysis

I saw some snow flurries the other day and after i collected myself from a ball in the corner of my apartment I remembered that I had a set of Posh Galosh by PYSIS to try out especially since there will be quite a few parties coming up that I’ll be dressed from head to toe. Gotta protect the toes.

posh galosh by pysis

I tried the Posh Galoshes on with heels. I thought it would feel awkward putting a boot over high heels rather than taking them off but, they were quite comfortable. As a matter of fact, when I buckled the galoshes they fit snug around my leg making me feel like there was extra support on my ankles. I walked around and it felt fine.

I tried it on with some flat shoes and had the same results. They felt fine and it was completely comfortable walking around.

Then, I went to try it with some sneakers and that’s when I ran into trouble. My sneakered shoes would not fit in. I checked the website to see if maybe I’d picked the wrong size and that’s when I saw this: *PYSIS are designed primarily for various heights and styles of narrow-heeled wedges and pumps – including those with smaller platforms. 

So, they can’t be worn with sneakers or maybe you can go an extra size up.

posh galosh by pysis

Posh Galoshes are super easy to put on. They ‘re easy to take off and roll up small enough to fit in a little knapsack that’s included. They come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium & Large.  Sizing Guidance is based on your size in standard pumps.

Posh Galoshes make a great gift that will be used continuously. They’ll make my winter a little more tolerable.

For more information about Posh Galosh by Pysis or to purchase a pair for yourself or a lovely lady in your life visit www.pysis.com


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