Have Fun at “Amazing Escape Room” With Friends & Family (20% Discount)

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Amazing Escape RoomRaise your hand if you always hear about these Amazing Escape Room adventures and have always wanted to go and try it out. Now is your chance to plan your adventure and save with our 20% discount code.I’m always looking for new and different things to do with friends and family. I like to  have fun and I also enjoy a challenge or two. Amazing Escape Room is the perfect opportunity to have a bit of both and also get some bragging rights if you escape the room in record time.

Choosing Your Amazing Escape Room Adventure

The Amazing Escape Room is for people of all ages and skill sets. You do not need to have any special knowledge to solve the puzzles and riddles. Just be creative and curious! You and your team have 60 minutes to escape from a locked room.

The premise seems simple enough:

  • Gather some friends and/or family members
  • Choose your location, date and room theme
  • Use our friends & family 20% discount code: blog_20
  • Get in there and try to escape!

The great thing is that it’s for all ages so  even your kids can participate. This is great for families, birthdays, corporate parties or for that lazy Saturday “let’s get out of the house and do something different” afternoon.

Amazing Escape Room

I’m going to try out the The Lost Record Room at the Montclair, NJ location. It makes sense since I love music. Here’s a description:

Rumor has it your all-time favorite band has a lost record that no one has ever heard before. It’s stored somewhere in the music studio.  Come play with us, and solve the mystery of their long lost music and find it in record time! With your help, it could even top the charts!

I’ll be sure to post up how it went and if we escaped.

Check out the video that gives you the instructions for playing the game.

Be sure to use our discount code to get 20% off when you book your room at any of these  locations:

Amazing Room Escape Discount Code: blog_20

Do you think this is something you’d like to do with your friends and family? Maybe for Halloween?

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  • Tasheena N. Womack

    This is such a great idea to do with friends on Halloween.

  • Tyane Milem

    This sounds like fun! I love the idea!

  • I’ve heard about these! I really want to try one someday.

  • This looks like it could be pretty fun to try

  • I really want to try this! I have had several friends do it!

  • Our Family World

    I’ve never heard it before, but it looks good and fun.

  • parpar de real

    Absolutely sounds fun. love this idea

  • Imaobong Asuquo

    This sounds so exciting and fun! Perfect for the holidays

  • Jaycie Sullivan

    this looks like fun!

  • leah kairu

    First time hearing about this and i am very intrigued, will have to check it out

  • jillconyers

    This looks like so much fun. My family has talked about going to an Escape Room.

  • It looks like a lot of fun, really! I love the concept of escape rooms because I like mysteries and problem solving! This is definitely something that I wouldn’t mind trying.

  • Marceline Dementori

    This is slowly becoming a trend and it’s definitely something that you’re going to enjoy with friends or family. It’s nice that they’re offering discounts!