Fitness Corner: Runbell-The Must Have Accessory for Running Outdoors

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RunBell, a rain of thought

I wasn’t sure whether to categorize the Runbell as a fitness gadget or fashionable jewelry. Even though it looks way cooler than my two-finger name ring, I ultimately decided on fitness because it is a gadget specifically for running. But, I gotta tell you, I’m not beneath wearing it as a statement piece to a cocktail party.

The Runbell is a nifty little gadget created for runners by Kevin and Tomoko Nadolny to warn walkers who are often startled or taken by surprise at the last minute when a runner comes up behind them.

RunBell, a rain of thought


The Runbell slips comfortably on two fingers with a simple bell on top and a lever on a spring that you pull and release with your thumb to create the ringing sound warning people who have their back to you to GET OUT OF THE WAY!! So you don’t run them over.


RunBell, a rain of thought

I belong to a few running groups here in NYC that create routes along the streets of the city so we’re side by side with pedestrians. Trying to maneuver the streets when your walking is pretty tough and running is harder. Sometimes people aren’t aware that we’re coming up until we are right next to them. I’m not going to just push my way through them so what winds up happening is I slow down or stop completely and that throws my pace off. A minor inconvenience that can be avoided with a flick of the thumb and the sound of a bell.

The Runbell is lightweight, comfortable and I might add, pretty darn fashionable. Most importantly it work like a charm err….bell. People hear it and instinctively look with enough time to get out of the way.

RunBell, a rain of thought

The bell makes a slight “ding” sound that’s not obnoxious or loud but clear enough for people to hear from up to 30 feet away without being startled. It works so well, you have no idea how many times I’ve been tempted to take it with me to Times Square to ring people out of my way but alas, I’m too nice.

The Runbell is lightweight and made from brass. It comes in men’s and women’s sizes with plastic ring size adjusters so you don’t have to worry about it being too big for your fingers and sliding off your hand.

RunBell, a rain of thought

What do you think about using the Runbell to assist you on you outdoor runs? Me, personally, I’m MAD WITH POWER now. I may even use it indoors while on the treadmill. Just kidding.

You can be mad with power like me and get your very own Runbell at Amazon or by visiting their sight

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I received this item in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and future 5Ks I may run while sparing pedestrians with the ring of the bell are mine all mine.