Blast From The Past: Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes Got Married?!?!

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Never in a million years did I see this coming way back in the ‘90s.

Where was Marty McFly with this revelation? Back in the day when Daisy Fuentes was a MTV veejay and Richard Marx was burning up the charts with hit after hit did anyone ever think to themselves, ‘I could totally see those two together’. I know I sure didn’t but, here we are at the close of 2015 with an announcement that they tied the knot in a romantic Aspen, Colorado wedding.
I had no idea that Richard Marx was married for 25 years to Cynthia Rhodes who was in Dirty Dancing, Flash Dance and Saturday Night Fever.
I also haven’t kept up with their careers because, well, MTV veejays and mullets became a thing of the past but, alas they’ve both been continually successful despite the limited box my 1990’s mind put them in and their paths crossed this past year and led them down the aisle.
I’m happy for them both but, I’m mostly happy that I was reminded how amazing of a song ‘Right Here Waiting’ has always been.


Congrats to Daisy and Richard and now let’s take a step back down memory lane: