Holiday Gift Guide: Valentia Exfoliating Scrub for Men

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Ladies, how do you feel about a well groomed man? I know, I know, I love it too. I mean, I appreciate the scruffy look. I think it’s very sexy but, even the scruffy look can be well groomed with nice kissable skin.

How can that beachieved. Two words, exfoliating scrub. It’s the right thing for a man to do for his skin and for your lips especially in the winter time.
I’ve used Valentia products for a while now. I love the way the feel on my skin so, I’m pretty stoked that they have a brand new exfoliating scrub for men. This is a great way to remove dry skin and to eliminate the possibility of ingrown hairs or blackheads. Yes, all this kind of talk isn’t sexy but, neither is irritating skin that will scratch my lips when I try to kiss it.
It has a nice sporty scent and comes in sleek black packaging and at $19.99 it’s not going to break your pockets. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Trust me, this is one of those gifts that a guy would not necessarily get for himself but once he has it and starts using it he’ll wonder why he’s gone so long without an exfoliating scrub in his life.
Valentia Exfoliating Scrub for Men – Specially designed for a man’s skin, a scrub that helps to restore skin to its original integrity.
With pumice, apricot shells, and olive seeds this scrub will unclog the pores of each and every hair follicle for smoother, clearer, and irritation free skin.
This Exfoliating Scrub:
– Removes dead skin cells
– Draws out excess dirt & oil
– Deep cleans pores
– Helps prevent shaving irritation
– Rejuvenates skin texture
Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.- Coconut Oil:Absorbs easily into the skin without being greasy white working to establish the skins natural antimicrobial barrier, leaving smooth nourished skin.
– MSM: An organic compound that penetrates deeply into the skin providing intense hydration and softening acne scars.
– Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturizes the skin, provides relief to irritated skin, and cleans out pores.
– Safflower Oil: Removes dirt and oil from the skin, reducing the risk of clogged pores and breakouts.
– Witch Hazel: A world recognized skin cleaner and toner, for clearer skin.
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I received this item for free in exchange for writing a review on the blog. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links which mean I will get a percentage of sales should you purchase an item via the link.