Holiday Gift Guide: Sentey Headphone with Microphone

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Headphones make a great gift. You know how I know? Because my son is constantly breaking his and needing a new pair and no, it doesn’t matter the price. He’s broken $20 headphones. He’s broken the super popular very expensive headphones. I’m not sure what he’s doing but, he’s always in need of a new pair.

These Sentey headphones are perfect for him and they’re actually perfect for me too. I love the way they fit snugly around my ears. I also like the feel of the tangle free braided 3.5mm audio cable. It’s wrapped in fabric to keep it from tangling and also protects it from tearing to easily or being chewed by a puppy like a few of my headphones recently.
They also have a built in mic so you can plug them into your phone and chat away or you can chat on your computer while playing games like my son does with his friends.
These headphones are good for gaming, running, djaying and just about anything you’d use them for and they come in a nice little case. They also have passive noise reduction ear cushion and can be used with Airline Headphone Adapter.
I recommend them for kids, teens and adults.