There’s Hope For A Fresh Smelling Home Even With Pets

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This is a sponsored post for Bloggin’ Mamas on behalf of Doctor Aromas however all opinions and thoughts are my own.

I love the smell of a freshly cleaned house. It’s a rare moment where you can walk into every single room and they all smell exactly the same. Like sunshine and flowers.

Meet Pugsley. He’s adorable, right? He’s my daughter’s new puppy. His mission is to make everything smell the exact opposite of sunshine and flowers. No matter how well we scrub him up he still is going to smell like a pup. I tend to light incense but, that pretty much stays in whatever area it was lit. It’s not the same as that all around clean scent.

We also have two cats. Twyla and Xena. They’re not quite as camera friendly. As you can see we have a full loving house of pets. They tend to take over.

Now meet Doctor Aromas Home Aromatherapy System. It works with your central air conditioner to circulate a fresh scent around your ENTIRE home. So, basically, it will give me that freshly cleaned scent all day long even with Mr. Pugsley, Miss Twyla and Miss Xena roaming around and plotting their full take over.

This fragrance is appropriately titled ‘Hope’ as I am indeed hoping for the best. It also an aromatherapy fragrance so, not only will the house smell good, everyone in it will feel good.

This is our first place with central air. I was a little nervous about setting up the Doctors Aroma kit but, it was so incredibly easy. It can be set up next to or inside of almost any type of central air system. There is a remote control so you can program when you want the spray to go off and how often.

The ‘Hope’ scent smells so good. The description reads,“The promise of spring fills the air with tangy lime and tea tree leaves bursting over sweet rose and jasmine petals, followed by a soft mist of patchouli, ginger, and the earthiness of gurjun balsam and sandalwood. Your possibilities are endless with Hope.”

To me it smelled like walking into an apple orchard or a strawberry patch. 

Basically it smelled like being in a massive open air field of ripe fruit, sunshine and flowers. I stepped outside of the apartment for a few minutes and stepped back in and the delicious scent was still in the air. However, the true test would be to come back later in the day.

I programmed the spritzes the next day and headed to work. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be too much scent. No one wants to come home to the air being saturated with an over perfumed scent.

I walked in that evening and voila, the fresh scent greeted me as I walked in the door. I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe it was the aromatherapy making me feel good. I walked into each room and was greeted with that same amazing scent. I even checked to make sure the pets were still here. 

My favorite part is that it’s low maintenance and hands free. I don’t have to light anything or walk around the apartment spraying as soon as I get home. I can just program and keep it moving. That’s one less annoying daily task which is great because my life is busy enough.

Doctor Aromas Home Aromatherapy System doesn’t just have a great scent. It’s also made with essential oils which have significant health benefits from helping you to relax to giving your brain a boost to even helping prevent you from getting sick. There are many different essential oil scents to choose from. You can view them all here.

I know I feel more relaxed and I absolutely love to come home to the fresh scent. I hope the aromatherapy helps our crazy pets relax during the day while us humans are at work.
To learn more about Doctors Aromas Home Aromatherapy System you can visit their website here.