Prince on His Love of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye and Why He Doesn’t Need a Reunion of ‘The Revolution’

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We all know that Prince doesn’t really love giving interviews. He’s managed to give very few in his almost 40 year career so when he does agree to one we listen. I wasn’t luck enough to interview him but, a gentleman by the name of Smokey D. Fontaine lucked out big time.

Interview With Prince

Prince talks about his new album HITNRUN which is available exclusively on Tidal. Speaking of Tidal, have you taken the subscription plunge yet? Yeah, me neither. Not even for Prince. Well, not just yet. Okay, now back to Prince.

He also shares his thoughts on people always asking him why he doesn’t get his band The Revolution back together. His simple reply, “For What?”
He also has some interesting things to say about the music business in general. If you don’t know Prince’s history, he had a huge battle with Warner when he was signed to them to the point of performing with the word, ‘slave’ written across his cheek to symbolize how the industry was taking advantage of him and his craft while they reaped the financial benefits.
His thoughts haven’t changed much since those days saying, “They’ve just set up another system that you have to go through to get your work out. They don’t give you any money to help you create the music or to promote anything. But they want you to send all your work to them, for free, and then just wait for a check. How is that fair?
Gotta love artists like Prince who at this stage of the game will tell it like it is whether you agree or not.
You can read the entire interview and what he has to say about Kanye and Kendrick here