Captive By Ashley Smith Robinson + Finding YOUR Purpose

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Sometimes when you think you have nothing to lose, something will make you realize that you really have everything to gain. 

I remember hearing the story on the news about Ashley Robinson convincing a criminal to surrender after he had held her hostage for 7 hours. I caught glimpses of it here in New York City but, I’m not sure if the coverage was as extensive as in Atlanta where it happened. Or maybe it’s one of those things where I would have remembered it more clearly if it had happened closer to me.
I’m sure there was a lot of coverage on the daytime show circuits, especially, since Robinson mentioned that she read passages Rick Warren’s best-selling inspirational book, “The Purpose Driven Life”.
I googled Rick Warren’s book at the time and then just kept It moving. Self-help books just weren’t part of my day to day. I was at a job I enjoyed and was working towards my goals on the side as a writer and publicist.
That changed a few years later when I moved to a job that paid well but, wasn’t as inspiring. When I lost that job, I decided that I would try and pursue my passion again but on a full time basis and that’s when the doubt kicked in.
Sometimes you go along through life in your routine whether it’s a routine like Ashley’s where she was a drug addict or a stay at home mom raising a kid or that full time worker making ends meet and you don’t realize that you may just be going through the motions.
That’s what I realized when I lost my job and as I searched for a new one focusing on the salary and location first and foremost to maintain my apartment, pay my bills and get provide for my kids. I kind of had a breaking point where I thought, ‘what is my purpose?’ The last job wasn’t really fulfilling at all. I started volunteering more, something I’d almost completely stopped doing and little by little, I felt things change.
It’s hard though. It’s not easy at all with so many distractions. . I still struggle with defining my purpose and I chalk it up to being human.
Often times you lose sight of your path and then someone or something jolts you back to where you need to be
I think that’s what Ashley Smith’s purpose was for Brian Nichols. She was that jolt saying, ‘Wait, what are you really doing here?’.
Nichols’ goal when he escaped was to see his child. He was so desperate and once down the path of destruction he felt there was no turning back.  She helped him see that or maybe he knew that all along and just need to hear it.
Captive does a great job of showing that in real life no one is perfect. No one is without fault. Someone may be going through their darkest time and you don’t know because you’re going through your own. I haven’t seen the movie but, the book has definitely been an inspiration and a motivator. It came at a perfect time in my life. I encourage everyone to read the book and go check out the movie too.

AUDIO BOOK BYTE  (Audio excerpt from the audiobook format of CAPTIVE (chapter 1), read by the author, Ashley Smith.)