Music Corner: Robert Delong at Rough Trade in Williamsburg, BK (Photos)

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Robert Delong
I can pretty much listen to any genre of music including EDM so when I was given the opportunity to see Robert Delong at Rough Trade in Brooklyn and thought, why not? I wasn’t a fan, only because I’d never had the opportunity to listen to his music but, I’m definitely a fan now.

His music is considered EDM, but there was bit more about his actual performances and the “instruments” that he uses to create his music that makes him unique s,o I googled to get a listen and an idea of what I was in for and was pleasantly surprised by “Global Concepts”.  It’s a really catchy song, great melody, great lyrics and hell yeah it makes me want to ‘fucking dance’.

 I was amped to check out the kid from Seattle who makes music with video game sticks and couldn’t wait for Friday, December 17thto arrive.
I walked into Rough Trade which is a record store way on the the end of Williamsburg, almost near the water. The back portion of the store is where all the magic happens, well, performances.
There are two bars, a performance area with stage, standing room only on the ground floor and a balcony with more standing room, a ping pong table and a few seats for those that want to, though few people sat for this show.

Me with my face painted
The first thing I noticed when I got to the bar area was that a majority of the people either had their faces painted with tribal marks or were waiting to get them painted. I asked if there was a fee and the girl said, ‘no, but, we do take tips if they’re offered’.
Robert Delong’s girlfriend, Heidi and a few of the crew paint the faces of the fans who are affectionately called, The Tribe of the Orphans, at almost every show. It’s a bit of a tradition that I was more than happy to take part in. I am now a part of the tribe.
Rain & Heidi (Robert’s Girlfriend)
Once inside the actual performance area my ears were greeted by the sound of the opening act, an indy artist by the name of Evvy (pronounced Eh-vee).
She is a powerful and amazing vocalist and though I was not familiar with her songs, I found myself dancing along. She put on a complete show with her band and finished off by saying she would be in the back giving out hugs. I did find her after her performance. 

I didn’t get a hug but, I did get her information so you guys so should check her out. You won’t be disappointed. I’m joking, I did get a hug.
It was time for Robert Delong to come out and he was right on time. I have to mention that because I’ve been to enough shows and it’s always a pleasure when the main act gets on stage when they are supposed to. It shows consideration to their fans.
Speaking of fans, the venue was packed and sold out and Robert Delong did not disappoint. It wasn’t a show, it was an experience.
The screen behind him flashed symbols, photos and his website url as he started his first song the roar from the crowd brought you into the vibe.
Delong is pretty amazing on the drums he went from his crafted set up of joysticks, consoles to the drum set on his left, with each song riling the crowd more and more.
He brought out Evvy to perform “Long Way Down” as a duet and I even got to hear Global Concepts before the show ended.
He also came out for an almost 20 minute encore of amazing drumming. 
At one point he yelled out, ‘If your face is not painted, you’re going home alone’. Well, I went home alone despite the painting but, I had a great time at the show and have definitely become a Robert Delong fan.
Speaking of fans again, at the end of the show, Delong did an intimate meet and greet, taking pictures and signing autographs. He was still chatting it up and interacting with his fans almost 30 minutes later when I finally left to head home.
All that to say, you should check out Robert Delong’s new EP Long Way Down on iTunes  and if he’s doing a show in your town do not miss out. I promise you’ll have a great time. Oh and go ahead and get your face painted too.
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Concert Photo Credit: @JuliusJulyNYC